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Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. This privacy policy will help you understand how we collect, use and store your data and the actions we take to protect it. You should show this notice to anyone else included on your policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. This privacy policy will help you understand how we collect, use and store your data and the actions we take to protect it. You should show this notice to anyone else included on your policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

This Privacy Policy should be read alongside and in addition to the Cookies Policy and your Policy Wording (where applicable). If you have any feedback or questions on this policy then please contact us at

For information about how we intend to safeguard your data please see the information below.

  1. About Us
  2. What information we collect
  3. When we collect your data
  4. How we use your data
  5. Who has access to your data
  6. Legal basis for using your information
  7. Retaining your information
  8. Security of your information
  9. Your legal rights
  10. Related notices and terms
  11. Changes to this policy

Leisure Guard act as a Data Controller, which means that we determine the way in which your data is used (as described in this privacy notice). However for each of our product lines we may work with selected partners to provide you with the best products and services. Please consult the individual privacy policies on the website where you purchased your product for further information.

1. About Us

Leisure Guard Group is a trading style of Leisure World Developments Limited. Leisure World Developments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), under FCA number 927718.

References to “our Website” or “the Website” are to;;;


2. What information we collect

We collect personal data and special category data as part of providing services to you. We may also monitor or record calls, emails, SMS messages or other communications in accordance with UK law.


Types of Data we collect

Personal Data:

  • Name including first name and surnames.
  • Location information including address and telephone information
  • Identifiable numbers including credit/debit card details
  • Online identifiers including IP address, email and social media

In some cases will also assign you a login which we will record alongside your other personal details.

If you provide us with details relating to other individuals, please ensure that you have those individuals’ consent to provide their personal data (including medical data). It is your responsibility to make them aware that we will use those details for the purposes of the relevant product or services. Please direct them to this privacy notice if they require more information.

Some information is necessary in order to provide you with the service you expect, if you do not provide us with the requested information, we may not be able to offer you the applicable insurance policy.


3. When we collect your data

We will collect your personal data when:

  • You register
  • You purchase our products and services or those provided by our service partners
  • You make general enquiries
  • You register for information or other services
  • You respond to communications or surveys
  • You make a complaint
  • You need to ask for assistance

4. How we use your data

  • To give access to the product platform.
  • Completing your purchase including taking payment, providing payment confirmation and sending you purchase confirmation.
  • Making sure that we are safeguarding your interests through quality assessments, training and competency, customer surveys and staff feedback
  • Engaging with you in relation to your existing purchase
  • Keeping you informed of our latest offers and products


5. Who has access to your data

Leisure Guard Group uses a number or third parties to provide and administer your products.

It is our aim to use only providers who will ensure your data is processed in the UK and European Union (EU)  to provide a high standard of data protection. However, we accept that we work in a global environment and for certain products data is transferred outside the UK and EU and cannot completely limit the transfer of data. Where data is transferred outside the UK or EU we require it to be protected according to the applicable laws.


6. Legal basis for use of your information

We must make sure that there is an appropriate lawful reason for us to process your data. These legal bases are set out in data protection law and we rely on a number of different conditions for the activities we carry out.

Necessary for the performance of contract:

  • Completing a purchase and providing payment confirmation and confirmation of purchase
  • Taking payment (card or direct debit)
  • Answering a query about your product
  • Cancelling a product and providing a refund if applicable
  • Handling complaints
  • Offering a renewal and advising your membership has ended
  • Processing memberships obtained by an API
  • Contacting you if there is an issue with your product


We have a legal obligation to:

  • Quality assessments including staff feedback
  • Managing training & competency of our staff including feedback
  • Assessing sales indicators
  • Including product information in reports



Necessary in our legitimate interests or those of a third party:

  • Communicating about your product
  • Conducting customer surveys through review sites


7. Retaining your information

Your personal data shall be retained as long as needed for the authorised purposes listed in section 4. This includes retention of some personal data following the end of our relationship with you, for example to resolve any potential disputes and for ongoing or prospective legal proceedings, to maintain records of our services, and otherwise to comply with our legal obligations and to defend our legal rights. We keep any data used to create a quote for 14 days. If you purchase a product from us all policy data is kept for 7 years from its end/expiry or cancellation. All other correspondence and voice recordings will be retained for 8 years.


8. Security of your information

We regularly review the technical and organisational security measures we have in place on our information and communications systems in order to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration of your personal information. We also use industry standard security to encrypt sensitive data in transit to our servers.

Communications sent through our website, email or social media, rely on the internet which is a publicly hosted network and is therefore not secure unless the site has been encrypted. Leisure Guard Group cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.

Leisure Guard Group has deployed an adequate procedure to identify and communicate any incident of data breach within a delay of 24 hours and to resolve it within a reasonable delay.

Further information about security measures we apply to communications sent by email or over our website is available on request.


9. Your Legal Rights

You have the following Individual Rights:

The right to be informed about how we collect, use and store your data through this Privacy Policy



The right of access to your data and to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you. Please contact us at and we will acknowledge your email within 48 hours. We will not charge you for this request and we will make sure that you receive your information within 28 days.



The right to request that we correct any inaccurate data. Please contact us and we will take action to correct the data and confirm to you once this has been done.



The right to ask us to erase any data that we hold. Please contact us at Your request will then be considered and we will write to you by email to inform you of the outcome of our decision and any actions that we will take.



The right to withdraw consent to your data being used to receive direct marketing communications. You can opt out



The right to ask us to transfer your data to a new provider. You can make this request



The right to complain about how your data is being collected, used or stored. You can complain by clicking Alternatively you can contact our Data Protection Officer as follows:


FAO Data Protection Officer

Wyvols Court







If you are dissatisfied with the response then you have the right to appeal to the  Information Commissioners Office. Please visit for further information about how to do this.



10. Related notices and terms

Our Cookie Policy provides information about the use of cookies on our website. We will ask you to consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of the policy when you first visit our website.


11. Changes to this policy

This privacy policy was last updated on 03/12/2020 15.02pm. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy.

From time to time we may need to change the way we use your personal data. Where we believe you may not reasonably expect such a change we will write to you. When we do so, you will have 60 days to object to the change.

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